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CYN Grayslake receives  Excellence in Service Award

Community Youth Network (CYN) was selected by the Healthcare Foundation of Northern Lake County (HFNLC) to receive its Excellence in Service Award, along with nine other organizations.  The 10 organizations were selected from among 74 grantees.

The criteria for selection set a “high bar” for organizations to meet.  In addition to requiring that award recipients have headquarters in northern Lake County and be current grantees, awardees must demonstrate that they actively build their organization and program capacity AND actively build capacity of the overall healthcare system in northern Lake County.  

CYN received the award at the HFNLC’s Tenth Anniversary Celebration on September 7 which was held at Independence Grove

CYN has a long standing relationship with the HFNLC whose grant monies have enabled CYN to serve over 350 underserved youth and adults in the last year who otherwise would not have been able to access behavioral health services.  CYN has been providing quality behavioral health services in the community since 1978 and believes that everyone should have access to mental health care regardless of their income.  CYN and the many families served by our staff are grateful to the HFNLC for helping us to increase access to services in Northern Lake County, making all of our communities safer and healthier places in which to live and thrive.

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